How great would it be if we could all be kids again. I feel like that is the ultimate goal. To make enough money so you don’t have to work or worry anymore and just do whatever tf you want. Cha feel? Like kids just do stuff and don’t think oh this costs money or I gotta pay this. Same with rich people. So that’s the goal i think. Make money to be a kid again. Hopefully sooner than later, so i can still walk.





Gotta love nature. But screw living naturally, what i think about when i hear living naturally sounds like taking a passenger seat. I’m hopping in that driver seat and running through walls till i get what i want.

Ill look at the trees on the way,

Take some pics of cotton candy skies and powdered mountains

Enjoy the view

Enjoy the ride to the top

Not too much tho.

Because that’s all i will do at the top, just enjoy the view from the top

and thats worth it, too grind and give up the view until the grind is over

Space Camp

I saw this one video about what it would look like if the moon was in the atmosphere, I think, or just really really close. It looked super cool, but also so scary. Like for the first week I bet so many people would have like heartattacks from seeing the moon like that. But how cool would that be to see the moon take up the whole sky at night.


I’m not afraid of anything.

Obviously I am afraid of a lot of things. The future. My past. My parents. Snakes. I hate snakes.

But I’m gonna say I’m afraid of nothing. Cuz I can say whatever I want. And if I tell myself I’m afraid of nothing. Soon enough I’ll believe it and it will be true


Shame’s the name. We have all felt it. Kissed the wrong person, shamed your family or friends by being stupid, failed a test, parents find drugs maybe, get someone pregnant, or you yourself get pregnant way to early, lose a job. What a feeling shame is. The feeling of knowing you are in the wrong or just not quite good enough. The sadness and sometimes hopelessness. It can hurt really bad. So why dwell on that feeling. Use it. Feel it first, all of it. Understand the feeling and understand that you do not want that feeling, and now use it for motivation. Become better, become better than anyone ever expected. Become better than anyone else so you never have to feel shamed again. Become so much better that the only one who should make someone feel shamed is you. And you won’t shame people because you know how it feels.


Whats in my heart.

I care a lot. I want everyone to feel comfortable and safe, I want to help, I hate feeling inferior and I don’t want anyone else to feel inferior. I want to help people, I want to help people feel comfortable and feel happy. I want to have fun and I want other people to have fun with me. I want to hang with the kids that don’t think they are “cool” enough and make them feel like they are the coolest person there is. I also have ambitions, and I want to prove myself to everyone that thinks I can’t be something great, so I will prove myself, I will then shove my success in all their faces. So that’s what’s in my heart, I want to prove myself and shove it in stuck up peoples faces, and I want to help other people do the same thing.